Trace Aureity

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Trace Aureity – a small island covered with musical immersive sculptures.Arahata










1) Arahata, The Mute Swan.

Making eerie sounds on touch.

 If a sound was already playing when
 we were born, played througout ourlife, and continued playing after we
 were gone, would we hear it?


Canescent Interval

           An interactive audiovisual sculpture.
         Walk around and through the sculpture,
        make small movements in and around it,
            try also jumping and floating in it.
         It’s like a sonic bath for eyes and ears,
               if you are weary, it will revive.

Canescent Interval


Infra Assemblage

Click on the yellow ball above the
sculpture to make balls drop out.
As the balls hit the tines of the
sculpture, the tines sound.
Each tine has a different sound.

You can climb in the sculpture too.
Click on the red auto/manual switch
ball to change modes. In auto mode,
the yellow ball  randomly drops balls.

It’s fun to put it in auto mode then
get inside the sculpture and alt-zoom.
The balls clean themselves up.
To finish, just walk away.

Infra Assemblage


Trace Aureity::


Bibi’s Sky Castle

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Bibi\'s Sky Castle


A modest space hanging 687 meters above Bibi’s Beach, equipped with an actual floating moon, Bibi’s Sky Castle offers concerts of excellent quality. Here you see a concert with AldoManutio Abruzzo, an improv guitarist. I found sitting in the beanbag chairs for the whole concert, however, a tad uncomfortable; my avatar sits in a strangely bed-like position which looks like he had something stuck up his spine. But the space itself is well designed, subdued colors and pleasant surroundings.

Bibi’s Sky Castle::

HD Artists

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HD Artitst building at night

Ok, so I’m bragging about my own place, but we are now ready for concerts. I hope it stays as nice here as right now. The building is located next to a future road, which has its advantages and disadvantages.


One side of the building will always be open.

People can drive by easily.


The tendency for giant advertising signs to be built along the road.

I think neighborhoods should have the ability to get together to ban this kind of thing, personally. Why not? after all, the neighborhoods have many rules patterned after RL.

Things we should be able to control:

1. Giant advertising signs. These signs destroy the area for everybody else. “Oh, but I have to be able to advertise my products!” Oh, and you need a sign the size of the Empire State Building to do it?

2. Red restriction borders. These guys that stick up their red ban borders ruin the movement around the area. When we first constructed our hall in another region, our neighbors around us put up these red No Entry walls. And it is frustrating to have to fly all over the place to simple move 30 meters. Why do you need them on all the time? It’s ok during special parties and such, but why all the time?

Oops, well, I’ve gone off subject! Our hall is roomy and has a nice little stage full of equipment for your edification.



We hope to start having more concerts soon!

HD Artists Concert Hall::

Nantucket Theatre

Posted in Music on June 8, 2008 by HD Artists

Thetra spaceThis little open-air music space / theatre is located next to the Marina in beautiful Nantucket (remember that, I wrote about it earlier). You’d think that the sound of the ocean would wipe out the music, but, amazingly, it doesn’t.

The stage itself is made of hewn wood, and the large draping proscenium did not distract the viewer from the action on the stage.


Nantucket Theatre::

Concert Spaces – Pat O Brian’s

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Outside of PubPat O Brian’s is a small pub / art gallery / concert space in the French Quarter. Done in reds, browns and paintings on the wall, the space is comfortable and intimate. The pub offers mainly jazz, but occasionally classical as well (by classical, I mean standard classical – Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, etc. I suspect they don’t offer any music by Ingram Marshall or Stockhausen).

During a concert - seats and stage

Pat O Brian’s::

Concert Halls I

Posted in Architecture, Music on May 26, 2008 by HD Artists

There are many places for live performance around Second Life, so I thought I would start locating them and listing them here. lets get going!

The Eldrich – Broom Concert Hall is located on RatePoint Island, a tiny place with pretty much only two buildings, and one of them the concert hall:

Broom Concert Hall

It’s a beautiful hall, well designed, plenty of places to sit,  hushed colors,


and plenty of concerts to find out about on the hall wall! Just click on an event to get information.

which one to see?

I hope to see you there at a concert!

In case you are wondering the Concert hall is named after two SL residents: Elliott Eldrich, who designed the space and Circe Broom, manager and perfomer at the site.

Eldrich-Broom Concert Hall::

Paris 1900

Posted in Architecture on May 14, 2008 by HD Artists

Street in Paris 1900Oo la la! Come to the beautiful city of Paris in 1900. A giant model of the city from around 1900 (hence the name), it has been carefully rebuilt according to old photos and blueprints. It’s not exactly laid out as Paris, of course, but that’s not the point. On this land you will see the Eiffel Tower. Quite a model too, It is scaled to size as well, and it is huge! You can take the lift to the different levels, and at the summit, take a parachute down the side back to the ground.  Under the tower there are little gardens to stroll in, to relax in, and to see the works of art, pieces by Picasso and Degas.

Eiffel Tower




You can take a stroll down the Champs-Élysées, or you can ride a bike down the Champs-Élysées! NIce to have a wide place for bike riding.

It’s all laid out nicely, with plenty of places to find information about where the buildings are, and historical markers, all in French and English.



Paris 1900::