Trace Aureity

Trace Aureity – a small island covered with musical immersive sculptures.Arahata










1) Arahata, The Mute Swan.

Making eerie sounds on touch.

 If a sound was already playing when
 we were born, played througout ourlife, and continued playing after we
 were gone, would we hear it?


Canescent Interval

           An interactive audiovisual sculpture.
         Walk around and through the sculpture,
        make small movements in and around it,
            try also jumping and floating in it.
         It’s like a sonic bath for eyes and ears,
               if you are weary, it will revive.

Canescent Interval


Infra Assemblage

Click on the yellow ball above the
sculpture to make balls drop out.
As the balls hit the tines of the
sculpture, the tines sound.
Each tine has a different sound.

You can climb in the sculpture too.
Click on the red auto/manual switch
ball to change modes. In auto mode,
the yellow ball  randomly drops balls.

It’s fun to put it in auto mode then
get inside the sculpture and alt-zoom.
The balls clean themselves up.
To finish, just walk away.

Infra Assemblage


Trace Aureity::


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