HD Artists

HD Artitst building at night

Ok, so I’m bragging about my own place, but we are now ready for concerts. I hope it stays as nice here as right now. The building is located next to a future road, which has its advantages and disadvantages.


One side of the building will always be open.

People can drive by easily.


The tendency for giant advertising signs to be built along the road.

I think neighborhoods should have the ability to get together to ban this kind of thing, personally. Why not? after all, the neighborhoods have many rules patterned after RL.

Things we should be able to control:

1. Giant advertising signs. These signs destroy the area for everybody else. “Oh, but I have to be able to advertise my products!” Oh, and you need a sign the size of the Empire State Building to do it?

2. Red restriction borders. These guys that stick up their red ban borders ruin the movement around the area. When we first constructed our hall in another region, our neighbors around us put up these red No Entry walls. And it is frustrating to have to fly all over the place to simple move 30 meters. Why do you need them on all the time? It’s ok during special parties and such, but why all the time?

Oops, well, I’ve gone off subject! Our hall is roomy and has a nice little stage full of equipment for your edification.



We hope to start having more concerts soon!

HD Artists Concert Hall:: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cliffoed/15/52/46/


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