Nantucket, Nantucket!

The town of Nantucket is actually a group of three small islands off the coast of Massachusetts – Muskeget, Tuckernuck and Nantucket. The second Life version of Nantucket is a darn good re-creation of this beautiful old town, with its marina, shops and homes. Downtown SL Nantucket

If you compare the above picture from a picture of the real Nantucket:

Live Nantucket

You can see how good of a job they have done. All that’s missing are the trees (more trees!) and the cars (fewer cars in real life!). There is also a concert area, featuring music by many artists – folk, classical, and I understand that it has become a popular place to play. Not surprising, considering the high quality sim here.

Flivelwitz at piano

Most of the shops – well, all of the shops – are dedicated to painting and design. The shops are comfortable, warm and inviting, something that is often missing in the Wal-Mart sized shops that you often find around Second Life, and, in fact, in our real world. I think we have lost that in our loud, intrusive world today – quiet streets, small walkable towns. We seem not to mind living in cities that look like the backside of a strip mall.

a shop


There are beaches, lighthouses and a marina. There are also houses for rent for the eternal summer season.

Nantucket Marina::


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