Basilica Cardinale

In the Sim of Braunworth there is the Basilica Cardinale. Run by the cleverly named Cardinal Sin, it is very impressive space. Here we are looking up the nave:

looking up the aisle

the colors are dark and rich and all the details are thought out. I have asked the Cardinale if he used a cathedral in real life as a model (obviously he used the basic idea of what a cathedral looks like), when I find out anything, I will report back and you can visit a real one as well!

More Nave

You too can be a priest!

Flivelwitz the Priest

And, in the finest Catholic fashion, a shop!

Shop til you drop


The church in the Medieval period was a seat of literacy, the rate of illiteracy until the Industrial Revolution was most likely above 90%. While I was here, a robed figure approached me and didst speak thusly: “I am a Prest(sic) of this church.” Please make sure your priests can at least spell. Anyway:


Basilica Cardinale::


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