The Rezzable Gallery

The Rezzable Collectors Gallery is a museum full of sculptures which can only be created in Second Life. I really like that, using the world to make things that cannot exist out here. As you can see, it’s a wild ride through this place. Come one come all!ooooo


Rezzable Gallery::


2 Responses to “The Rezzable Gallery”

  1. Thanks for stopping by! We have the largest art gallery in the metaverse now! If you like the Collector’s Gallery also check the Dagger Eye Gallery featuring art from Melodious Source, the Land inbetween on Rezzable 09 featuring .danone. . Of course the single greatest art gallery is at Black Swan–one of the most visited and flickr’d places on the SL Grid! There are also tons of amazing art pieces scattered across our public areas.

    We are hosting the Garden of NPIRL Delights which is a virtual world art happening on a grand scale. .


  2. HD Artists Says:

    I will definitely stop by and see it all – It’s good to see people taking advantage of non-reality and art to create something native to Second Life.

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