The Garden of the Muse

 nine muses

The Muses:


Calliope: (the ‘beautiful of speech’): chief of the muses and muse of epic or heroic poetry

Clio: (the ‘glorious one’): muse of history

Erato: (the ‘amorous one’): muse of love or erotic poetry, lyrics, and marriage songs

Euterpe: (the ‘well-pleasing’): muse of music and lyric poetry

Melpomene: (the ‘chanting one’): muse of tragedy

Polyhymnia or Polymnia: (the ‘[singer] of many hymns’): muse of sacred song, oratory, lyric, singing and rhetoric

Terpsichore: (the ‘[one who] delights in dance’): muse of choral song and dance

Thalia: (the ‘blossoming one’): muse of comedy and bucolic poetry

Urania: (the ‘celestial one’): muse of astronomy


The Garden of the Muse


A quiet garden, to sit, read poetry, write poetry, play Mancala, do Tai Chi, listen to the sounds of wind and birds.Mancala









The Garden of the Muse::


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