Mikki Miles and Medieval Music

Mikki Miles Medieval Music Instruments 

The Oz Medieval Musical Instruments Shop – or maybe the Mikki Miles Medieval Musical Instruments Shop, I saw both names, is a little outdoor shop in the hills of Montisigard. All along the walls are sets of beautiful instruments for playing early music, lutes, rebecs, bagpipes, portative organs. What, no sackbutts? a sample of the instruments for sale

All instruments come with animations, pieces of music, and you can get periodic updates for your instrument!

So come on by and visit Mikki Miles and his collection of musical instruments. And when you do, come by HD Artists and we’ll get a concert going!


Mikki Miles Medieval Musical Instruments::http://slurl.com/secondlife/Montisigard/140.727798/56.486820/77.793800/?title=Montisigard


Mikki Miles Website:: <br>http://www.mikki-miles.com/Mikki_Miles/Home.html


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