Ginsberg Art Center – The Grand Gallery

 front of galleryThe Grand Gallery,  part of the Ginsberg Art Complex, is a huge 12-floor structure packed full of photography, paintings and sculptures. Artists are given their own section to set up displays, and I spent a long time wandering around, looking at works by Citizan Zhao, Gracie Kendal, Saban Spoonhammer, and many many more. It was indeed easy to wander around – the stairs are conveniently located and there is an active teleport system. I would have liked to learn a bit more about the person behind the artwork, and this was, however, no where to be found (or if it was, I didn’t see it in evidence).


The music leaves something to be desired, I don’t usually wander around a museum listening to the strains of heavy rock. Perhaps they could look into talking to contemporary composers, like, well, like me. I mean, we can buy rock music pretty much anywhere, but where can you get new music? Yes, I know the argument – “I can’t make as much money selling “contemporary music”, well, you open up a museum full of excellent modern art, what’s wrong with matching it with excellent modern music?


All in all, a worthwhile trip. I will be looking around this art complex more, as it seems to extend outwards around here.

The Ginsberg Art Center::


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