Pipe Organs

Pipe organs in Second Life? Sure, why not? There are so many types to think about – chruch organs, theatre organs, pump organs . . .

Hermione Augenblik has decided to create an organ from real life – a huge pipe organ with 16′ pipes and double keyboard, like so:

massive swelling organs

The organ on the left is the low-prim version. The pipes aren’t installed yet, but they are on the way!

Here is the keyboard with the pedals. The colors are as the original organ. This next picture is a small pipe organ at Duke Chapel in Durham, North Carolina, similar to the above sim version.

Here is a description of this organ from Wikipedia:

The Brombaugh Organ, installed in 1997 in a “swallow’s nest” gallery of the Memorial Chapel, was the last organ to be added to the Chapel. It is a two keyboard and pedal organ of 960 pipes, modeled in the style of Renaissance Italian instruments. It produces a gentle, sparkling tone with very low wind pressure, and like instruments of the 16th and 17th centuries, it is tuned in meantone temperament. The Duke family crest can be seen at the top of the organ case.

We hope to use it in live concerts as well as selling a version with animations and wavefiles.

Update: I did find a few organs here and there. This big black beauty I found at Royal Island:


Organs and more! Some links:

HD Artists:: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rannels/166/121/66


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