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The Rezzable Gallery

Posted in Paintings on April 30, 2008 by HD Artists

The Rezzable Collectors Gallery is a museum full of sculptures which can only be created in Second Life. I really like that, using the world to make things that cannot exist out here. As you can see, it’s a wild ride through this place. Come one come all!ooooo


Rezzable Gallery::


The Garden of the Muse

Posted in Uncategorized on April 27, 2008 by HD Artists

 nine muses

The Muses:


Calliope: (the ‘beautiful of speech’): chief of the muses and muse of epic or heroic poetry

Clio: (the ‘glorious one’): muse of history

Erato: (the ‘amorous one’): muse of love or erotic poetry, lyrics, and marriage songs

Euterpe: (the ‘well-pleasing’): muse of music and lyric poetry

Melpomene: (the ‘chanting one’): muse of tragedy

Polyhymnia or Polymnia: (the ‘[singer] of many hymns’): muse of sacred song, oratory, lyric, singing and rhetoric

Terpsichore: (the ‘[one who] delights in dance’): muse of choral song and dance

Thalia: (the ‘blossoming one’): muse of comedy and bucolic poetry

Urania: (the ‘celestial one’): muse of astronomy


The Garden of the Muse


A quiet garden, to sit, read poetry, write poetry, play Mancala, do Tai Chi, listen to the sounds of wind and birds.Mancala









The Garden of the Muse::

Mikki Miles and Medieval Music

Posted in Music on April 25, 2008 by HD Artists

Mikki Miles Medieval Music Instruments 

The Oz Medieval Musical Instruments Shop – or maybe the Mikki Miles Medieval Musical Instruments Shop, I saw both names, is a little outdoor shop in the hills of Montisigard. All along the walls are sets of beautiful instruments for playing early music, lutes, rebecs, bagpipes, portative organs. What, no sackbutts? a sample of the instruments for sale

All instruments come with animations, pieces of music, and you can get periodic updates for your instrument!

So come on by and visit Mikki Miles and his collection of musical instruments. And when you do, come by HD Artists and we’ll get a concert going!


Mikki Miles Medieval Musical Instruments::


Mikki Miles Website:: <br>

Garden of Second Earthly Delights

Posted in Paintings on April 24, 2008 by HD Artists

 oooooo!Coming soon to this neighborhood ( specifically April 27, 2008 ) the Second Life “Garden of NPIRL Delights. A chance to come and design and create, using the idea of the “Garden of Earthly Delights”, a rather unusual painting by Hieronymus Bosch. Bosch, by the way, lived from around 1450-1516 in the Netherlands. His paintings mainly deal in showing sin and human moral failings, and he did this through the use of large amounts of symbolism through demons, strange machines and animals.


The Second Life version of the Garden, according to their website, is not intended to be an exact replica of the original painting (which might be pretty cool), but, I suppose, symbolism of symbolism; ie using the imagination and the ideas of the painting and creating that. I will be there with bells on (or, in this case, leather collars and beaks on)!


If you want to get more information about the Garden, go here.

Garden of NPIRL Delights::

Ars Virtua

Posted in Paintings, Photography on April 21, 2008 by HD Artists


ars virtua museumThe Ars Virtua Project is directed by James Morgan, is a project concerned about the distinction between the real world and the virtual world, and how we interpret it (or them). One thing they take advantage of is that one can literally (or should I say “virtually”?) build anything in any direction, or create non-human avatars. Which brings up questions that I am wondering myself – since we can build pretty much anything we want, why do so many people spend a lot of time rebuilding the real world in Second Life? How can we create native art in a synthetic universe?


The Ars Virtua program goes a long way in this direction. While parts of the museum act like a normal regular gallerymuseum – presenting paintings and photography, the pictures are real life photos of the players dressed in the style of their virtual trappings! A conflict of the intersection of the real and non-real, using the virtual museum to present the other side – another section is filled with glassy reflecting whirls, scribbles and colors, not giving the patron to chance to know which way is “up” or “down”, if this indeed exists in a virtual environment.

what's going on!I really enjoyed my visit there, I watched the movies, I got lost in the mirror-like rooms. But be warned, it can be graphics intensive.where's the virtual popcorn?




Visit the Ars Virtua Museum in Second Life, visit the website on the internet (is there a difference between internet and virtual worlds?), or join their guild in World of Warcraft! You can find more info about all of that at the website.

Ars Virtua::

Permanent Collection::

Streaming Museum::


Ginsberg Art Center – The Grand Gallery

Posted in Paintings, Photography on April 20, 2008 by HD Artists

 front of galleryThe Grand Gallery,  part of the Ginsberg Art Complex, is a huge 12-floor structure packed full of photography, paintings and sculptures. Artists are given their own section to set up displays, and I spent a long time wandering around, looking at works by Citizan Zhao, Gracie Kendal, Saban Spoonhammer, and many many more. It was indeed easy to wander around – the stairs are conveniently located and there is an active teleport system. I would have liked to learn a bit more about the person behind the artwork, and this was, however, no where to be found (or if it was, I didn’t see it in evidence).


The music leaves something to be desired, I don’t usually wander around a museum listening to the strains of heavy rock. Perhaps they could look into talking to contemporary composers, like, well, like me. I mean, we can buy rock music pretty much anywhere, but where can you get new music? Yes, I know the argument – “I can’t make as much money selling “contemporary music”, well, you open up a museum full of excellent modern art, what’s wrong with matching it with excellent modern music?


All in all, a worthwhile trip. I will be looking around this art complex more, as it seems to extend outwards around here.

The Ginsberg Art Center::

Pipe Organs

Posted in Music on April 19, 2008 by HD Artists

Pipe organs in Second Life? Sure, why not? There are so many types to think about – chruch organs, theatre organs, pump organs . . .

Hermione Augenblik has decided to create an organ from real life – a huge pipe organ with 16′ pipes and double keyboard, like so:

massive swelling organs

The organ on the left is the low-prim version. The pipes aren’t installed yet, but they are on the way!

Here is the keyboard with the pedals. The colors are as the original organ. This next picture is a small pipe organ at Duke Chapel in Durham, North Carolina, similar to the above sim version.

Here is a description of this organ from Wikipedia:

The Brombaugh Organ, installed in 1997 in a “swallow’s nest” gallery of the Memorial Chapel, was the last organ to be added to the Chapel. It is a two keyboard and pedal organ of 960 pipes, modeled in the style of Renaissance Italian instruments. It produces a gentle, sparkling tone with very low wind pressure, and like instruments of the 16th and 17th centuries, it is tuned in meantone temperament. The Duke family crest can be seen at the top of the organ case.

We hope to use it in live concerts as well as selling a version with animations and wavefiles.

Update: I did find a few organs here and there. This big black beauty I found at Royal Island:


Organs and more! Some links:

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